Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the...?

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dearie me...
Look what turned up again? I removed this delightful picture to make room for my cupboard of vintage fabrics, and lo! here it is again, perched loftily atop. I'm sure it's not bloke-stuff retaliation, I'm sure he actually thinks it looks GOOD up there!
Sigh, in this whole 'bloke stuff' debacle, the advice from all sides is that his gear must make way. The nicest advice has been to gradually replace things one by one and if defiance is met to give him a 'pool room' for all his blokey gear.
Interestingly, not one person has suggested allowing his stuff to stay, or that his interior expression is just as important as mine!
Oh well, I think that I'm gonna have to call in the big guns and (*gasp with horror*) actually have a CONVERSATION about this!


Drewzel said...

Oh I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Kim and Ro said...

I'll be honest. It's just not going to work Stef. You have more hope of improving someone's 'hat fashion sense' than completely converting someone's interior that they have been comfortable with for so long. In fact I think you should be having minimal influence on the inside stuff as's not like it's your house.

Poor bugger......I bet he longs for the days when he could gaze at pictures of Wayne Gardner and oil stained motor bike parts in his family room. And then you come along and stuff it all up with your Doily crap and fabric shit. His balls are probably now half the size they used to be.


Doily said...

Ha ha!Thanks for that Ro... thing is, there still IS a family room with motorbike parts! And every time I sit down to pee I have to stare at a poster of Rossi... at least now I know who he is... do you?

Kim and Ro said...

THE Valentino Rossi, one of Italy's finest riders.....gee lt me check my pants. Yep I'm definitely a man.

Love_Again said...

haha i'm certanily wouldn't suggest that you allow his stuff to stay..

Lucy said...

Uh-oh - that's bad!! You need to do something to cute-en (made up word!) the picture up a bit to make him too embarressed to hang it up. Maybe a nice crocheted frame, pom-poms on the motorbike, or glitter on his helmet could work a treat!