Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm moving house...

...and hating every moment of it!
I have moved house 14 times over 3 continents and I'm well and truely OVER IT.
Pack boxes, move boxes, unpack boxes, pack boxes, move boxes, unpack boxes. I'm sensing a very boring pattern.
This time I'm moving in with my beau. Logically I am hesitant to give up my 'plan B'. Plan B is a pesimistic sod and says that "this is too good to be true and therefore can't last so it's best to have a back-up."
Plan 'Reality' says "you haven't been home in 3 months and all your stuff is being eaten by rodents including your beautiful vintage fabrics... boo hoo, and can you really justify a pretty cottage holiday home in the country right now?".
Plan Reality has won and I am on the move.
My next dilemma has been that my lovely man has lived alone for a looong time. He, like me, has a house FULL of stuff.
Except his is BOY STUFF. And mine is NANNA STUFF.And therfore overwhelmingly, well, overwhelming!
How do I do this? Subtly remove the pictures of him racing motorbikes... ...or blatently let him know his stuff is hideous as all hell?
I think we have achieved a compromise, in this 3 bedroomed and 2 loungroomed house there should be room for us both, so the 10thousand motorbike parts have been shifted and the crochet is movin' on in! He can have his ugly boy-room, and I will have my cozy craft room and all are happy.
Craft night anyone?


beck said...

Great post Steph! I love the whole motorbike/granny blanket dilema. Nice to hear he isn't putting up much of a fight..must be lurvvv..! xo

Andi said...

I have no ideas re combining your 2 worlds but I have to say I adore your nanna couches!!!
I'll come over for a cuppa any day. White with 2 please!

Screamstress said...

Ha Ha Ha I have to say, my stuff won in that tousle! Sounds like you have enough room to have a lounge each - but whose room will have to be sacrificed when you need a NURSERY! Don't get excited everyone, I just like teasing!

teddybearswednesday said...

I have no idea how to combine the two, but it should make for some interesting decorating.
I also might be a little slow, but I didn't know you had another Beau! WOOHOO! I'm so thrilled for you xo

Leonie Guld said...

All I can say is GOOD LUCK!! Good luck with the fella and all the very best of luck with clearing a spot for your pretties!!! xx

Love_Again said...

haha..good look with the move and the compromising!

oscarmacoscar said...

Yay you did it. Good on you!
Yes craft night for sure. What happened last Thursday night? Where did you get to?

clare's craftroom said...

What a great post ! I really do feel for you though , I hate moving , packing etc . All the best throwing all the gorgeous grannies over the silly bike stuff , lol !

Tracy said...
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Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

I reckon after the compromising bit' is done - you could slowly shift his (most, top of your list un-appealing boy) stuff out by stealth...oh so slowly. Good luck. Peta