Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have you read Extra Curricular magazine?

In their own words...
"Extra Curricular is a publication dedicated to showcasing people who do interesting creative projects in their spare time as well as encouraging those who wish they did."

I am very excited about a conversation I had today with Ellie the Editor (ooh, that has a lovely ring to it!) and hope to be submitting some words on this weekends Great Southern Slam!

Yup, I'm heading to Radelaide (AKA Adelaide) to the inaugural Australian Roller Derby nationals! I am the founding member of The D-Team (dedicated to crappy D-League Derby girls everywhere!) and will be skating against the New Kids On The Block.

My first proper derby bruise is fading after an impressive 'superman' over Fireblades head last week at training,

and although I made the poster...

(can you spot me?) I didn't make The Rat Pack team, so this will be my very first official foray onto the track and I'm nervous as all hell. This is going to hurt!


Drewzel said...

Yay! go you!!
Adelaide will be awesome, wish i could afford to go.

Leonie Guld said...

Oh...have a ball!!! or is that a bash? x