Monday, January 18, 2010

A Mystery

I love a good mystery and this one has me stumped. Last week this bunch of carnations arrived at the front gate. No card, no one has owned up and only one clue... packaging from Ballarat. Hmmm.
My neighbour says I should just let my imagination run with this one and not try to solve this mystery. My friend says it would kill her not knowing. Another told me of a random gift appearing in his mailbox, (imagine... a random nice-gift-leaving-for-no-reason- bandit in the neighbourhood!) Although I have a couple of theories, on this mystery, yup, I'm stumped.
Stumped but chuffed.


Umatji said...

lovely! a mystery and a lovely one - sounds like exciting, unmarked mail in my world - sadly quite rare!

the textured leaf said...
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the textured leaf said...

im sorry to say it wasnt me. Oh and i deleted the previous post cos i mispelt 'wasnt', oops