Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh dearie me. I'm a wee bit nervous! Today is a first for me. I'm excited but unsure of myself. Let me fill you in.
I don't ever win stuff. Not really, no raffles, giveaways, competitions, none of that Jazz. But there is a very good reason and that's because I don't enter them. Makes sense really doesn't it? But I have somehow decided that despite the logic, perhaps I'm just not that lucky?
By this flawed logic it stands to reason that I wouldn't be good at hosting a giveaway either. What if nobody enters? Like hosting a party I have the irrational fear that it might be a no-show. Sigh.
So I'm on a mission! This weekend I went Kombi camping with these awesome dudes. To celebrate I stitched away at some dinky brooches (tee hee, the spelling of that word always makes me giggle!)
Now I'm no crafting genius, but like pop-offs crafting is not a choice for me, it's a compulsion! No... that's wrong... it's a bodily function! I just can't NOT make stuff. Pretty much every day. If my hands are not occupied in trying to exit all those ideas flying around my brain, then I am dis-satisfied in a really physical way.
So, I want to hear all about your 'necessaries', what is it that you just couldn't stop yourself doing if you tried? Blogging? Checking out hotties at the traffic lights? Picking your nose and doing the roll and flick? Oh do over-share with me!!
Post a comment and I will put my braincells to work coming up with some entertaining, random and blogworthy manner of picking a 'winner' and a new home for my slightly inept crafty offerings pictured above.
Meanwhile, I will sit here, watching the clock and worrying if anyone is coming to my crafty party! See you soon!


Jodie said...

I can't stop making stuff - It makes me a very unhappy person...and the flow on effect of that??? Blah !

The fox is a killer by the way !

Jodie said...

I mean , if i don't make stuff I am unhappy - making stuff makes me very happy !

Kate said...

Oh yeah, bring on the foxy love baby!! I'm an obsessive compulsive maker too. Must have busy hands all the time. LOVING all the new broochies. Can't wait to hear all about your adventure.

beck said...

I'm with the others, it's all about the fox! (Love the others too.) Thanks for inviting me to your party, it's so nice to be here! Hey, I like to read, and read, and read. If I don't have a good book on the go well I'm just not a happy little Dandelion xo

Drewzel said...

Tea ...lots of it.
And oh, I'm a Facebook addict. Sigh.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

I can't stop making stuff either ... but my necessary is the inspiration that comes from seeing other people's stuff. Like a few minutes ago ... I was looking at the photos on decor8 (which is the bomb) and a photo of an appliqued wall hanging has solved my problem of the third pillow I want to make for my niece ... something appliqued one maybe with her name and a little saying as well.

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm a bit like Jodie, couldn't stop making bears, or obsessing over the head. I also think honesty well I would really struggle to stop smoking, feral as it is, unless I got pregnant, but I don't see that happening any time soon, unless it was an immaculate conception.
love the brooches by the way

Selina said...

Eeek! I love that little mushroom house!! As boring as it is, I just can't stop biting my nails. My Mum used to put that horrible tasting stuff on my nails when I was a kid to make me stop...I just learned to like it.

Leonie Guld said...

Sorry steph...I love craft BUT I enjoy food MORE!! I could not stop eating basil dip, you know the one mixed in with olive oil if I tried!!! (Oh...bring on the compulsory cheese with it) Also I couldn't give up my Music and the obsessive need to pick the bull shitters out of a crowd. am obsessed with tinkering.....just a little bit!.....Hmmmm I think I need a therapist!! x

Ping said...

Hello there! I discovered your blog over Christmas and have been enjoying reading it.

Reading is probably my most compulsive habit, although knitting and eating are right up there too. I don't think I've ever gone a day without reading - I'll read the backs of other people's newspapers if the unthinkable has happened and I'm stuck on a train without a book.

Fabbo brooches, by the way :)

Rachelle said...

making stuff is definately high on the list but i could not live without eating chocolate. i have it stashed around the house and if i haven't had any for a day or even worse two days....look out! love the brooches, especially the cup and saucer, that reminds me it must be cup of tea time!

Umatji said...

hmm, so many things - thinking about making mainly at the moment - I love the tree and the mushroom house as well as the oh so loved fox. I also love cooking sometimes I can accidently make 3 cake in a day. oops. need a cup of tea now! I also had your sensation with the give away and am yet to draw mine...

Nell said...

I can't stop blogging - I've got it bad :(
I also can't stop:

watching my children when they sleep

eating chocolate

hording fabric

creating craft mess

and if I ever finish a project I will shock even myself!

Oh, and I know what you mean about hosting a party; I've been blogging for 12 months now and think I should do some sort of give away but that would mean a)finishing a project and b)having people that follow your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Doily
I luv giveaways. I want the tree!
OK, I can't stop a number of things:

* drinking coffee
* hoarding fabric
* hoarding wool
* blogging on the couch

This is fun!
See you

angela said...

I must say I think I can't stop going online, yup day and night I'm internet browsing. I'm too scared to even add up the hours!

I'm glad you went out on a limb to do your giveaway, my favourite is your camper van : )

Kim said...

Hey Stephie,
I think you know which brooch is my favourite. I love them all though.
I had to think about what it was that I couldn't live without, and I think mine is cuddles. I don't know if you've noticed but I cuddle my girls all day long, and Ro and night, and then I often cuddle my friends, and other family members... I have drawn the line at strangers, but then... if I was desperate...?
Ever seen that season of Scrubs with the overly-touchy-orderly? It's a cracker. Hope I never get that bad though ;-)

Meg said...

Lately, I haven't been able to stop myself from hopping off my bike whenever I see a wild blackberry bush. (And I have the dark purple fingers and lips to prove it.)

RoLuc said...

i like to break down with my kombi. a weekly event

chloeisabear said...

Is it gross that i cant stop picking at the dry blisters my skates make every week then looking at the cool print in the dry skin? Ha!

chloeisabear said...

Is it gross that i cant stop picking at the dry blisters my skates make every week then looking at the cool print in the dry skin? Ha!