Sunday, November 1, 2009

There were five in the bed....

and the little one said "roll over, roll over" so they all rolled over, and one fell out
she hit the floor and began to shout,
"Please remember, to tie a knot in your pajamas,
single beds are only made for one!"
I delivered these little Munchkins to Dear Prudence this afternoon. At the 'cool end' of Sturt Street in Ballarat, opposite Le Espresso. I came over all shy when I handed them over, each with their own little 'sleeping bag'.
Sleep well!

The ever friendly Kelly has some great vintage and retro 'stuff' as well as some pretty amazing handmade 'things'... Oh I dooo love stuff and things!

My Fave are the Asylum 7 corsets, made by talented local girl Susie.

Aren't they just incredible!? It's great to see some really amazing regional talent. On that note, I have been hatching a cunning plan and performing some secret squirrel business. More to come on that soon!


clare's craftroom said...

Those little Munchkins are just gorgeous !

Jodie said...

Hatching sounds exciting Steph !!!

dear prudence said...

ooohhh, I'm all excited! Mumsy, sister, niece and myself, and the gumboot man, had a lovely time, me especially, putting those cute bed buddies to sleep, then Suzie came over to play, and tuck them in!

dear prudence said...

ps: I SOLD ONE !!!!!yippy

Emma said...

it was so lovely to meet you and your cute little creations :)

Umatji said...


dear prudence said...

Hey Doily girl,
I have one lonely little fella, tucked up in his bed, cos the rest have moved into new homes!!!!!I new they would be popular, but did'nt dream they'd go in 4 days!!!!!