Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

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A really super-duper person I know has her birthday today. Like me, to her and her family birthdays are the most-est special-est day of the year. They are the times when all the love and joy and specialness that people feel about you is expressed. She once told me a story about meeting her now husband, and after a very intense time together they were separated and due to time and distance he 'missed' her birthday. She told of how she felt then that it was such a strong symbol of his feelings for her that it would never work out. How wrong she was.

Isn't it funny how we assume our own strongest family traditions are common to all? Such a simple mis-communication could have resulted in two such wonderful people not being the amazing couple they are now!

Kate, I am happy and proud to call you my friend. You are wise beyond your knowledge, kind, generous and loving. You are clever and creative and possess true inner strength that I don't even think you know you have. Happy birthday to you. Our community is a better place for having you in it! Have a wonderful and delightful day!


M* (Melanie) said...

Aww. Kate is such a lucky person to have so many people around her that adore her and think so highly of her.

I've never met Kate but would love to one day.

Kate said...

Oh MIss Doily, you made me bawl on my birthday. Thanks so much for your lovely, kind words. XX

Meg said...

Oh yay! Happy birthday to Kate!

Leonie Guld said...

Oh....happy birthday to kate....she is one fine lady!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a beautiful post about a lovely, gorgeous lady! nice :)