Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old Artwork

I recently found some images of some of my ceramic works. Meet Abrasive Andy and Cowgirl Betty. Each are around 30cm high earthenware and were both made for a show I had in North Carolina. I have always had to leave these items strewn around the world in my wake. I guess sometimes you just have to be satisfied with the process of making, not the importance of owning things you create.
I have been reminded of these works by one of their inspirations who contacted me this week after a long time

Also included on the disk was this picture taken just a few days afterwards.

About to embark on a coast-to-coast trip of America with my boyfriend, we were both just learning to kitesurf and were taking a 2 month trip to all the best spots in the country, living out of our station wagon. I remember being so excited but sad, knowing that after that time we would both be leaving the country in separate directions.

Then here I am just 3 months later, a Lavender fairy at Lavandula, our local, beautiful lavender farm. Sometimes life just takes you in funny directions!


beck said...

Wow, love these gorgeous photos, it's fun to see some other parts of your life. Where did the ceramics end up? They are ace! xo

RoLuc said...

Isn't it interesting where life takes you. I used to be a photographer based in Ballarat, now after my operation I'm a fairy in training ;-)

dear prudence said...

Hey Steph!
Can't seem to send anything via market email address, just wanted to let you know. There's no rush, take your time with the softies, and a lady wants to catch up with you re signage!!!