Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last night was action-packed! The chicks and I cruised down to Melbourne to check out this!

(Pictures from here)

The Victorian Roller Derby Halloween special! A night of Jammimg, Slamming, Blocking, fancy dress and bottoms.
With three minutes on the clock and 1 point in it, the rink went crazy (and I think I nearly let out a little bit of wee) as the Dead Ringer Rosie's just missed out on a win... Good job Reservoir Dolls on a magnificent win!

If you have never seen the Derby girls in action I highly suggest you check them out. I hate sports... yup, that's a fair statement, Hate 'em! But Oh Hello Roller Derby, I'm won over!
let me let you in on how it works.... (excuse the technical lingo..)
... so, there are a bunch of chicks in hot outfits, looking mean and whizzing around a track. There are 3 types of players, Blocker, a Jammer and a Pivot.
(image courtesy of here)
There is only one point scorer, the Jammer (with a star on her helmet) who's job is to start at the back of the 'pack' (the gang of other players) and after doing her first lap, gains a point for every player of the opposition she passes.

Sounds easy huh? Well not really, as it's the job of the Blockers to do anything possible to prevent the oppositions jammer passing them. Aside from hands and obvious elbows it's fair game and slam-bam-thank-you-mam! The jammer takes a beating!

And did I mention each girl has a Derby name? Betty Bamalam, Skate Bush, Punani Tsunami (yup, you heard correctly!) and Beat Up Bambi to name a few!
So I'm thinking of joining 'fresh meat' and becoming a derby girl... any ideas for my derby name???


Jodie said...

Dirty doily ?

Darling doily - queen of the scene

Doily dollface

ah cracking myself up over here !

Turning Japanese said...

I was there too!!!!
Wasn't it AWESOME!
I know Foxy Terrier from Reservoir Dolls.
Are you going to go again?

Doily said...

Heck Yeah I'm goning again! It ROCKED! We should meet up and say hi next bout! Nov 14th?

Suzie said...

Awwwww derby names! I started out some months ago but I just don't wana get DAMAGED, such a wuss. I called myself Duchess Damage but am willing to give it up if you want it. Damage Dame, Babe Bruise,so many choices.