Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm on my way to a party.
I'm wearing my favourite red shoes,
My suitcase is packed,

inside are my pajamas and a couple of changes of clothes as well as some 'stuff' to make some new ones.

My mum also wrote me a note so my new best friend will know where I came from.
Lucky I love cupcakes!


Kate said...

No need to worry Miss Doily. 'Steph' and her new best friend had a great time at the second party of the day and are now fast asleep with their faces smoodged in to each other. XX

dear prudence said...

I just love the dolly and her suitcase, and those red shoes!!! do they come in a size 8???

Umatji said...

Aw - good job - I bet she will bewell loved.