Thursday, October 8, 2009

Handmade Nation on DVD...Yes Please!

I am so excited to hear the Handmade Nation will be available on DVD from November 3rd. I am pre-ordering a copy here and you can do the same.
If you haven't yet seen it you can head over to my place for a movie night and watch this amazing documentary about the rise of the craft movement... it's worth it for the animated opening credits alone!


RoLuc said...

Will you cook a curry? I'm there.


Marking Art said...

That sounds awesome .... I want to come :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Doily! I'll come! I've seen Handmade Nation before but I'd like to see it again. Check out my blog - I'm gonna beat you, ha!

beck said...

Can you book me a seat please? xo