Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunny Satisfying Sunday

I really did have the most wonderful day yesterday. Despite having double booked myself and missing out on the bestest cup cake party ever!
I went to see the ever welcoming Prendergast family at Hepburn Lagoon horse rides. A stunning day, a trek through some beautiful bushland and a very challenging game of I Spy kept us entertained on our ride. I have to say, a very welcome glass of wine and food at the other end was just what the doctor ordered to mellow my new sore-bum feeling OVER-SHARE WARNING! (including my newly popped bum-crack blister!)

The two little girls in our party had the best time after the ride was over, helping with the shearing, riding sheep (?) and cuddling these little (actually, enormous at 4 weeks old!) goslings.

I almost came home with one until I came to my senses after a rather messy poo-ing in lap incident.
Flying over to Muskvale to try and catch the last of the party fun I almost missed the birthday girl completely but caught them literally in the driveway. In case you couldn't tell from my last post, I got more than a little carried away in making a gift for a 6 year old, making dresses, sewing doll undies, making luggage and hobo headband. Ooh the fun I had!

But then,... oh dear, I became more than a little riddled with concern that perhaps my gift was a little too babyish for it's intended new home... are 6 year olds too cool for dolls? Do today's glamorous girls demand pop star plastic and strut your stuff garb? Indeed they do, but as it turns out they also love a handmade, slightly wonky, one arm longer than the other, kitted out with clothing, dolly.



Drewzel said...

Oooh the baby goosie!
PS. Go the overshare. Love the overshare.

Jodie said...

There is a special kind of pain that comes from the occassional horse ride....

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

awww I used to have pet duckies, they had their own blow up pool in the backyard :)