Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mo', mo', mo' your boat...

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I love a good mo'. Not a real one of course, they are one of my least favourite facial hair styles... second to the 'flavour saver' for it's yucky, tickly snogging sensation. My real life fave is a healthy beard.
There's just something about the right kind of beard that talks to me of a man who can split wood, recite poetry, sling me over his shoulder and take me off for a very merry romp. In that order.
But a strong man 'tash in a design sense is fast becoming a design sensation for me,

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An evening of babysitting yielded this embroidered masterpiece (?)

While I was at college in Edinburgh we used to raid a local perspex factories rubbish bins for free off-cuts. I'm brewing an idea.


Meg said...

How mo can you go??

Drewzel said...

Mo embroidery = great goodness. Oh yes.