Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some recent projects

....and nearly after

I'm just deciding what to do regarding buttons V's toggles and this project will be nearly finished. Started at my new wonderful craft group I have been 're-fashioning' this accidentally-felted-in-the-washing-machine pure wool jumper. I just love red, I'm not as passionate about it as some people I know but I love it all the same. for me it's a colour of fun and frolics not aggression and anger, it makes my eyeballs tingle in a particularly pleasant manner.

I'm not really sure if I like this new cardie just yet... it's still growing on me and not really my style after all, but I really did love making it lots and lots!

These little shoes are from Allison's pattern in Meet Me at Mikes craft book. I see this pattern every day whilst working at Lark HQ and just love them! I thought it was time I whipped up a pair myself and these are intended for a friend in Chicago who has a 4 month old. I hope they fit!


Marking Art said...

I still think it's exciting that I got to watch that jumper get turned into a cardi.... I am just so impressed and never seen any one doing anything like it :) I am in craft awe!

Jodie said...

OOOh Kim told me about this project - I think its looking great so far!

RoLuc said...

Yay! The craft chick is back!