Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back on the sunnier side of the street

So I think I should complain more, have a good whinge, get it out of my system.

I love getting comments on my blog, I wish I had the quantity of readership to which I could post about how "I value each and every comment but I just get so many that its impossible to reply to you all blah blah blah...." But it's just not true, I get super excited each time I see a comment in my inbox and whizz over to read it, but no, usually I don't reply, usually comments don't demand one, they are a statement not a question and it seems vain and silly to reply. I mean whats the blogging etiquette here? Should I be relying with a "Thank you"? How about you? What do you do?

I have discovered that it's the posts in which I bemoan my failures not my triumphs which receive the most feed-back, I have also discovered that it's a similar type of post which prompt me to respond to others. So guys, thank you for your kindness last week, perhaps I should whine some more to get some more love sent my way?

Nah, not toady, today is an 'average' day. By that I don't mean in the colloquial Aussie sense, I mean literally an average. I love how Australians express 'average' as a negative... I mean it's great that the cultural opinion of an "average day" or "feeling average" just isn't good enough! It implies to me that the speaker believes that anything less than the best just ain't right!

But for me, I'm feeling literally average today, neither great nor rubbish.... just in the middle ground of 'ok'. Some loving comments, some quality time of tea and banana bread, some crafting with growing friends, cozy evenings with older ones, wood cutting with people who give me strength and a declaration of support through a car window has left me feeling loved and nurtured. Not blissfully happy, but back together. So thank you, all of you for reminding me that actually, this is the best decision I have ever made and that this is a time to celebrate!

I have discovered that this blog has become a little emotional. I think it's time for some Craft Talk! ohhhhh yeah! Craft is back! It's big and it's coming your way! Making has been happening here and in my period of adjustment I have forgotten to tell you all about it so stay tuned!!!!!!

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Umatji said...

oh and isn't it all about the adjustment! I must admit I seem to ahve a similar comment style - 'ooo comments! Lucky me!" It is good I find to just admit to grumping sometimes and then stop. Today for instance - butter knifer across the kitchen in frustration and then lovely walk under the pine trees - I'm only human I decided! Great post!