Monday, August 31, 2009

Over-share? Hell Yeah!

I am the world biggest fan of the 'over-share'. I love it! See that line? right there? Look, there! The line that says "if you cross here you will be taking a giant leap into the realm of TOO MUCH INFORMATION!"
Yup, that's the one. Let me invite you riiiight across here coz this is where I flourish!!!
Tell me your stories... the ones that I just don't need to know about, but will squirm and giggle and relish every moment of hearing. I loved the one from the friend who shall remain nameless (but she's named after some famous author sisters...... tee hee) about the squatting toilet at the Colosseum and the giant pee-squirt right under the cubicle door!

Now that's what I'm talking about! So here is my very own over-share which I have been keeping from you for a while, because, after all... you don't know who might be reading huh?! Well remember this post? Well the granny knickers were out in force. It wasn't the luckiest I've ever been, but it was certainly lucky enough to put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step for a while!

So on a different note it's "almost like being in love". No, not me, Thaw is out! Huzzah! And here I am looking slightly crazed but loving every minute of it. All the cool-kids are here, Me, Allison lark, my dog Fraggle, Me again. Vain? Moi? Never!

Also featured in this seasons mag is this talented girl, Louisa West and her beautiful illustrations,

I'm loving it so much that even 'Frankie' magazine has been put aside while i snuggle up and devour the fruits of Kim and Ro's hard work. Good Job guys!


Meg said...

Hoorah for anything that puts a spring in one's step!

Kim said...

Thanks for the shout out Steph! It's our wonderful contributors that make it so good. And don't go changin', girl. I'm a sucker for too much information ;-)

beck said...

How exciting Steph! I'll have to race out and buy a copy for you to sign! Not sure about the haircut on the boy (?) on the cover though, it's scaring me. Fraggle, on the other hand, looks very adorable and so do you! xo ps. my word verification is that contagious?

Jodie said...

Steph, You do not look crazed. I told Kim on the weekend - Oh that's just so perfectly Steph, ( or something similar).
Happy, Outgoing, laughing - just perfect. Craft at mine in the hols but maybe we could grab a coffee as well?

Bluebell said...

Oh, you gorgeous thingy! Looking forward to a bush walk..

Fox And Pearl said...

You are SO on the money! Over-sharing with infinite detail of yuck or daft is always good. Love your thing in THAW, it introduced you to me! Maybe sometime I'll see you around our Btown. Suzie