Sunday, July 5, 2009

To Do List

Crochet. Done.
I have worked it out. Figured out the out the trick to some hooky goodness (thanks to Attic24's wonderful tutorial) and now I'm just not sure.
I mean , I get it right, don't get me wrong, I'm totally appreciating the way the yarn slides over the glossy hook (the worlds most expensive but totally delicious hand carved hardwood... geez I'm a sucker!). I can dig the tactile qualities of silky yarn in scrummy colours, the satisfying feeling of one more granny square piling up. feeling clever coz I managed to figure out that tricky new stitch in mystifying crochet pattern lingo.

But. Then what? A blanky? A beanie? Some super pretty flowers? I'm just not feeling the urge. There is no all consuming compulsion to hook, to yarn over. My 'Crotch-it' as the smallest member of my make-shift family calls it, is lying neglected in its bag looking mournful.

So instead.... lets knit?

I have been fairly anti-social of late, hibernating and moping has been high on my agenda, I know I should be KEEPING BUSY, with my CHIN UP, and keeping a STIFF UPPER LIP, but despite my genetics I'm feeling thoroughly SORRY FOR MYSELF.

I have a new theory that perhaps the Brits invest time in their stoic stereotype because secretly they have a predisposition to sensitivity? Certainly many of my nicest co ex-patriot friends are on the sensitive side, we are easily injured and whilst sticks and stones break our bones, words certainly hurt us.

But lets look on a brighter side shall we? All is not Doom and Gloom, I have been trying to put in place some Single Life infrastructure, which has meant re-connecting with good friends who still have a life and making some newies too. Although I have to admit I am finding staying up past 10pm as well as leaving the hearth whilst the 'family' is all snuggled up and cozy is a hard one. Am I just too old for partying till dawn or is it still in me somewhere? Will my singleton survival instincts struggle to the surface once my nest is empty again?

So this week I have some space and time to work on it. Horse riding camp and fishing have called the masses away giving me an opportunity to work in peace, make some stuff, switch off that bloody T.V and have some friends over for dinner! But I tell you what.... Vegans, who'd have em?


Umatji said...

I really enjoyed reading this one - hope you had a laugh as you wrote it too!

LiliPili said...

Hey love, can you teach me please? xx

The Observer said...

cheer up sunshine!

Barnaby Aldrick said...

Make super pretty flowers next!

Cool blog chicken. Love it.