Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crochet has taken over the world

I am resisting its lure... so far. I have purchased shiny hooks on sale, I know that some flower 'hooking' is not far away but as yet the knowledge that it will overwhelmingly consume my life is enough to hold me off.

I'm not sure if these are paper-cuts or not but how wonderful if these were granny squares!

From here
I'm also liking the Bus Drivers Prayer as seen here

To answer your enquiries I got a call from my local friendly bank-teller yesterday with the conclusion to the Great ATM saga!

'Tracy' has counted the ATM, (twice) to discover that it Balanced. Yup. No excess $300. No refund for wee Stephie and a VERY LUCKY DAY for someone in Daylesford around 4:30 on Saturday.

Oh well, no Karma Cash Cow for me then! I'm considering it as a 'Very Random Act of Kindness' on my part, hopefully whoever is $300 richer really needed it!


daylesford organics said...

I recently tried to crochet a flower garland but I couldn't stop them from flopping over. I can't wait until you cannot resist the urge anymore and start to crochet. You will love it and I think you will create some gorgeous things. As you know crochet has taken over my world. XX

susieqiloveyou said...

hhm maybe you can count it as a random act of kindness for someone and also a great bit of good karma bouncing back your way. You are so wonderful seeing something positive in everything that happens. Hugs

If you learn how to crochet you must teach me. I cant do it at all! I am hanging for someone to teach me.

The Observer said...

I want that shed! And the bike! Maybe I could get the bike with this money I found at an ATM on the weekend. Score! ;-)

What goes round comes around.....

wood & wool stool said...

I designed them and yes the garlands are crochet :D
Ingrid, www.woodwoolstool.com