Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello Hello!
I have been dashing around lately making the Daylesford Makers Market happen and what a day! So lovely to meet so many lovely new folk as well as catch up with familiar faces and friends. Plus check out the spunky pic of Annissa, myself and Michelle on the front page (!) of our local paper!

Hot tottie eh?

Modesty aside I had a great day, rain and the Daysford chill brought lots of bodies into our beautiful town hall which frankly looked gorgeous decked out with everyone's wares. Dandelion won best dressed stall as voted by visitors,

musicians, a children's entertainer, a nanna-run cafe for tea and slice and a door prize, what more could anyone want!? I only wish I had be slightly less busy organising the affair to enjoy it more, but if I'm honest I love the gig!

We are soon to announce future dates so keep an eye on the Market blog or get in touch if you fancy becoming a stall-holder it would be lovely to hear from you.


polly pratt said...

It was such a great day, despite the cold.See you next time.

Toni Brockliss said...

It looks so gorgeous. I will have to take a drive out the next time the markets are on.
I am new to the state and haven't ventured in that direction yet...
Here is a little video for you -
45 seconds in - made me think of you!

Tania said...

I had a lovely pootle around there on Saturday and am more than happy to put up with 'are-we-there-yet' kidlets the next time 'round! Well done to all you organiser types...