Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am lucky enough to own three art works by a local artist Ken Kronenburgh. Ken and his brother Ian are two true eccentrics. I have been to a couple of dinner parties at their miners cottage in Creswick and I can only describe the experience as a trip down the rabbit hole. The bathroom is exactly like walking into a train carriage, the garden contains a circular lawn, clock tower, grotto, roman baths and a vaudeville theatre.

The pieces I own are entitled 'The very latest Creswick gossip', 'Creswick Hat Fashions' and my favourite, 'How to stay young looking in Creswick' with such useful words of advice as 'Don't have any more birthdays!' and 'Drink a litre of anti wrinkle creme or face moisturiser with brekky'.

Ironically looking youthful is something I have no problemo with, quite the opposite. My youthful looks are rather a bane, although I will be thirty this year I could easily pass as nineteen. Aside from my pet paranoia of not being taken seriously it can be embarrassing at times, my partner is a not so youthful looking ten years older than me and I was recently asked if I was his daughter! I suppose as his eldest son at sixteen is a hefty 6'2" it doesn't help the situation, I'm not sure who was more uncomfortable, S, the kids or myself!

Speaking of which I purchased these for the eldest, he has recently become crazy about fishing spending every free daylight hour at one local dam or another and has been stealing my fingerless gloves.. About time he has his own I think! Here he is pictured right with some of the biggest red-fins I have ever seen as well as some delicious brown trout.

I am rather envious of this basket of goodies won by a lady from Adelaide as the door prize at our local Makers Market.... can you spot one of my clocks in the back right? I have been rather slack about posting them in my etsy shop but it's on today's 'to-do' list. I will give you a sneak preview perhaps?

Speaking of the Daylesford Makers Market have you checked out Thaw Magazine? It's the coolest thing to come out of Ballarat since frosty nights. Featuring a bio on one of our makers Cecibean as well as a plug for the event itself I'm loving this new discovery!

One of the best bits are the lovely couple who run this groovy mag Kim and Ro, you can also check out Ro's blog The Daybook Exchange, so great to see a local chap entering blogland, I have been in need of some more blokes to 'follow'. Hmmm, makes me sound like a virtual stalker eh?


The Observer said...

I want to go fishing in your dam!!!!!Trout!

Sophie said...

Mmmm fresh fish sounds delicious.

I do love your doily clock, how sweet. The ceramic plate clock is quite divine too!

Thanks for the plug for Thaw Magazine :-) Rohan got me into blogging, too, I'm addicted!