Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have just invested in a lovely new pair of winter boots. I have a habit of indulging in false economies, mainly perpetuated by greed, why buy 1 pair of lovely new shoes when I can get 3 pairs of pretty but cheap ones for the same price? Why indeed. Well I will tell you why, because they are rubbish. The heel rubs, they are synthetic and smelly and they are quickly discarded to stare accusingly from the shoe rack.

But this year I have spent my money wisely, after um-ing and ah-ing late last winter when the dog chewed the zip from my old, cheap boots I decided to wait until next season and finally last weekend I treated myself to a pair of lovely ox-blood red, zip up, solid, sturdy, soft, comfy, leather Dr Martens. Yummo.

Except...... as all new shoes do they needed a little wearing in.. stretching a little across my wide (bit still dainty of course!) foot. Hmmm... what to do? I looked at various bits of advice on forums, did a google-search and eventually settled on a piece of advice from the most unlikely source of my friend, the builder, and his method of breaking in new work boots.

Aided by this weeks blustery mornings my forgotten laundry blew off the line and managed to plaster its self to the electric fence, threatening to blow into the abyss of wet paddock beyond, so off I went on a rescue mission , wading through the wet grass in my brand-spanking (how I love that phrase!) new boots having first forced my thickly socked, yet still dainty, foot into them and then proceeded to wade around in the wet grass like John Cleese doing a very silly walk.
I then hopped into the car to go to work, popped the heater on high and blasted my feet along on the way. Result.. lovely comfy, best fitting boots ever. Good work Ms Doily I say!

(excuse me for the dodgy picture... its rather tricky taking a photo of ones own hoofs!)


Melanie said...

Gorgeous boots. I wore doc Martins all my life and a good pair lasted me 5 years.It seems that Since they stopped making them in thier own country though I get 1-2 years out of them which is a bit sad for a $300 boot.

beck said...

I love your boots!! I would like to get some boots too but haven't come across any I like yet. Must be the season for red footwear..have a look at my blog when you get sec x

Meg said...

Doesn't every woman need a pair of red shoes??

Lyssy May said...

Congratulations on the very wise (and suitably fabulous) purchase! I justify such shopping adventures by looking at the economy of the 'cost per wear' basis so a quality shoe or outfit will more than pay for itself in the long run. Thanks also for that tip on how to wear boots in!

Doily said...

I agree with Meg... red shoes are a joy! I am longing for a pair like Becks though... What luck from our local op-shop!