Sunday, April 12, 2009

Im having one of those days.

Last week was really productive and creative. I have softies coming out of my ears, have been whizzing up curtains like a fiend and have had some new ideas currently brewing. I sometimes find that it's when Im at my busiest that I achieve the most and boy has this week been busy!

I have gone from a very empty nest to an extraordinarily full one in a very short time.
For one reason and another I have a friend and his 3 children staying with me... and it's school holidays!
Whilst growing this overnight 'family' I must have added some good fertiliser as half of my 4 new houseies are just enormous.... enormous and teenage. Full of hormones, a wee bit pongy and boisterous to say the least. It is going to take some adjusting to but so far it's been mainly fun, moving furniture, filling up my spare room, doing MOUNTAINS of laundry, weeding the garden, making Easter egg hunts, shopping to feed an army....

I have been loving coming home to having my tea ready, the fires lit and cozy, little Miss A helping me do the gardening, guitar music coming from the office as E learns a new song, and a hand from J washing the scruffy dog.

Aside from this I have also been playing builders labourer and Easter Sunday was spent hanging plaster, I'm always keen to learn a useful new skill and really enjoyed getting mucky with plaster... takes me back to my mould-making days at art college.

So all of a sudden, I have a day alone at home and it feels very, very quiet. The children are at their mums, S is still at work plastering and I have been restless all day. Now that I have chance to do some work in peace and quiet I just can't quite settle down and concentrate.
I feel groggy, disorientated and unable to focus on anything for more than 15 mins without day-dreaming. I feel like I over-slept, I suppose I did really as for the last month or so I have been unable to sleep past 6am. I don't know why, I LOVE sleep but have found myself mysteriously wide awake at 5am most mornings this week. Of course ye olde clock change has messed up my sleeping pattern even more and I am yawning and yearning for bed by 9pm most nights.

I did manage to do settle down for a couple of hours this afternoon and painted this...

I also worked on a running project that is starting to look pretty good...

If you get chance have a look at this book, lent to me by a friend it's been a great source of inspiration lately

I should also have some boring housework, visited a neighbour and split some wood for tonight's fires.... I could do all that right now I suppose. But Maybe I'll just blog instead.


beck said...

Wow, it sounds like you have a very full life at the moment! Lots of action, people, making and some relaxing time too. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing your softies, x

Meg said...

I'm so glad you did decide to blog instead. That bird drawing is just beautiful.

The Observer said...

Are you FO SHIZ???
That painting is so beautiful....Oh I just whipped up this old thing. You talented Doily You