Saturday, April 18, 2009

Does every home have its dumping ground? Mine certainly does, several in fact. They are spots where things accumulate, lie neglected and mournful for a while until, eventually someone gets up the energy to find 'proper homes' for these abandoned objects. I have to confess that at times I have even had a whole room dedicated to accumulating things I have been too busy (or lazy!) to put away.
Since my recent home 'invasion' I am being forced to be a wee bit tidier as there is now no longer space for my just to take over. My current dumping ground is here...

I collected this tin chest from hard rubbish on a visit to Melbourne about 2 years ago, I love the glossy red enamel I painted it with, (my favoutite colour!) and sitting at the foot of the bed it greets me as I enter the room. Lately it has become the home for 'lost objects' woolies to be shrunk, cardies to be altered and balls of wool to be turned into a beanie for someone very special to me who has a birthday coming up this week (someone who has problems getting beanies to fit due to rather cutely protruding ears!) Essentially it is Work In Progress land.

It's been a while since I knitted and I am looking forward to a new project. However... how many is it possible to have on the go at once? I'm musing as to what to do with a new fabric stash (on sale... how could I resist? I shouldn't have looked!)

And this little guy needs finishing,

All up I have just counted that I have 5 different ideas I am working on all at once, do you think this needs some attention? Is this normal? I think that this week I should get a jiggle on finishing at least one of them! I seem to be oh so good at starting with joy abandonment and enthusiasm and just not so great at seeing things through. Hmm, or maybe I could be positive and call my lack of fidelity to one job 'multi-tasking'. Will that cut the mustard with the Work In Progress Police?


Meg said...

I love your chest, baby! Just gorgeous.

Umatji said...

I love that you called it lack of fidelity! I suffer from it myself however I seem to veiw it from the angle of an overfull head! So many ideas and so little time awake when I am in control of my mind!!