Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a birthday today.
The beanie is finished and is now perching atop the head of it's intended in a non-ear constricting manner. Huzzah! S is 39 today and 'doesn't do birthdays', however I do 'do birthdays' very much, I love them in fact so have been quite excited about this one coming up. Yesterday I went shopping for an accompanying pressie for the woolly hat. Our local tip-shop is one of S's favourite places to shop and I have to say it's great. I was so pleased when I moved here to discover it. Its a shed at the local rubbish dump where the goodies are kept and re-sold. It's great and I have got some real finds there including these miniature tin kitchen appliances,

and this pretty jug.
You can fill up the boot of your car for under 10 dollars I love it! It's such a great way to recycle, my Mum and I always used to have to sneak things out of the tip in the UK, so silly that all that great stuff should contribute to land-fill, every town should have it's tip-shop... does yours?

As I was leaving I saw the most amazing thing, sneakily parked behind the shop shed, atop an enormous trailer was a freight train carriage! I was swiftly on the blower to a friend who has been looking for one to use as a workshop/shed. What a great idea! S used to live in a 1917 Melbourne tram perched in the bush when I met him, the number 79. What a romantic idea, I was pretty sad when he sold it.

Aside from the carriage I had an unlucky day at the tip so proceeded to a local junk/antique shop where I picked up this little beauty.

It has a super-loud tick and the alarm bell has a really great ring. Can you believe the shopkeeper only wanted $3 for it?!
We are going camping this afternoon so S can try out the new fishing gear the kids and I gave him as well as the new motor for the boat... his own pressie to himself.... doesn't 'do birthdays' eh? Hmmm? I'm not so sure about that after all!


beck said...

Hey I love those little kitchen toys. I have a few of them too but they aren't in great shape. Yes the tip-shop is ace..bought a lovley 70's style bike there not so long ago for a tenner & have found quite a few other bargains too. Have fun camping x

Alison said...

I love the kitchen appliances. We have a tip shop it is great but I always wonder what they are not putting in there, probably just the things I want! My significant other got a caution for taking something from the tip that would have ended up in landfill Shame on the law!

Meg said...

I didn't get to say bye last night. So, bye!

We had another engagement to rush off to. Hope your gorgeous shoes enjoyed much dancing. xx