Friday, April 16, 2010

My Creative Space

I have been super lucky to have been the recipient of some awesome op-shopped pressies lately. How amazing is this Smurfs sheet? Hmm... shame summer has waned as this would make a wonderfully sweet summer frock. If I continue on the same progress schedule as my Humfrey dress I may have something complete by then!
I have been working on a gift for a crafty gal (or her bubba anyway!), well done Kirsten, great procreation guys! I have also been drafting up some new toy patterns, I've been thinking of ways to use these snuggly wool blankets and I think I may have solved el problemo with Une elephant and wee Scotty dog.
As you can see in the background The blankie is still growing. Slowly.
Whats the longest-running project you've ever worked on?

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Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous! I love those blankie toys.

Love_Again said...

i'd love the sleep amongst the smurf sheets. good find.

beck said...

Love that doggie Steph, what does Fraggle think? xo

teddybearswednesday said...

that is one cool smurf sheet. Love those blankie toys, especially that elephant. xo

Mandy said...

Serious sheet envy here. I love that smurf one! I wonder if I would ever be so lucky! Love love love it!

oscarmacoscar said...

Oh would that Kirsten be me??? The owl is sooo cute, nearly as cute as Micah xo
If you're in Ballarat give us a buzz and you can come and meet the little fella :)