Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the winner...

This giveaway is officially closed!It's taken me so long to get organised to pick a winner that I'm calling it the Valentines Day giveaway.

So with these,

And some of these,

Indi helped me pick a winner.
And the luckiest heart shaped Doily of all turns out to be..... Angela! Horrah! Expect your winnings in the post some time before next Valentines Day.
I've been a busy bunny this past week of so, away from the computer painting a friends house in Melbourne. But today I got to catch up with some friends back home and am planning some cider making in the next couple of days. I can't wait to press my own apples and will keep you informed!
I hope your day has been as sunny as mine!


beck said...

Go Angela! You lucky duck. Love the blue sky photo with hearts aflapping in the wind. Great to see you today too xo

angela said...

Ohhhh!!! Is that me?! I hope so!! :D

I love doilies and hearts, what a cute way to draw the winner!!