Sunday, February 28, 2010

Derby Inferno!

I have had a couple of skating milestones lately, firstly, I am no longer Fresh Meat! That's right dudes, I have been deemed 'competent' by my Freshie-Mamma Fiddle Fingers and I'm about to go in with the big girls in Inter-meats!
And did I mention I'm terrified?

I'm gonna take the advice I give to all of those out there thinking of joining a Roller Derby League and just go for it! Do what I can and try my hardest, and if it hurts then I must be doing it right eh?
Speaking of hurting, I have been in top-to-toe pain this week. I'm aching in paces I never knew I had. Thanks HelterBelter!

In other related Derby news I am helping organise the next derby bout this weekend as part Daylesfords Chillout festival.
Derby Inferno kicks off at 4pm, Saturday 6th March. I can guarantee it's going to be an exciting event as, like always, a roller derby bout is much more than just a game... it's entertainment!

You can get tickets online here, or from the venue (ARC, smith st next to the Daylesford high school) or from me!
I know there are a couple o' bloggers coming along that weekend whom I can't wait to meet! see you there!


chloeisabear said...

Congrats Steph!! Welcome to Wednesday Intermeats! YAYYYYY, get ready for a slam here and a bruise there from me :D

Love_Again said...

Thanks so much for the answer to my question, I will definitely be taking a trip to one of those tip-shops soon. not that i need anymore stuff.
i am in melbourne on the weekend, but am hoping you have a blast at the derby.

teddybearswednesday said...

Congratulations and a big BRAVO to you!!
very exciting, can't wait either!!