Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Hol!

So after my 'good start' I have hit a few hurdles. Firstly, what is the story with tension!?
For the first couple of squares I have been wingin' it, then I checked in with Pip to refine my technique. Now that I'm holding the yarn correctly my tension is so much tighter... look at the size of my new square!! Boo Hoo.
The main problem is that the first few squares (although a tad lopsided) are much nicer and softer to the touch. Snugglier somehow. What to do???? How can I sort this out??? Advice please!!!
Have you any idea how tricky it is to photograph your own bottom? Luckily for you guys that's a fact, as I plan on wearing these babies with leggings but have snapped them sans. Mmmm... love that thighy goodness!

So this is where I'm at with my roller derby 'bout-fit'. Some ruffly goodness on my toosh. But now what? A wee skirt over the top? Some ruffles on my leggings? Sigh. Decisions decisions!

On a less creative, but more practical note I have been preparing for those cold winter months. My draughty old farmhouse is super-duper cool in these hot summer months, even on those stinking hot days I sometimes have to open some windows to warm the house up. But come winter.... Brrrrr!

I will be working from home this coming cold season and intend to have all the home fires roaring! Although it was hard to think about that time of year right now, I swapped some hours painting Simon's house for him helping me to cut a trailer load of wood...
Mmmm... testosterone!

This is about how much I go through in a week. I have an open fire in my craft room, a wood heater in the lounge, and a wood burning stove in the kitchen. With all those roaring it just about makes me comfy enough, so these summer stock-ups are sooo necessary. More next week I hope!
To top off a productive day, I moseyed into Ballarat for a picnic at lake Wendouree and watched the Australia day fireworks with one of my fave folk. I'm interviewing her for the next edition of Thaw mag so keep an eye out.

I'm pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Ballarat council for putting on such a great display, as well as managing more hyped up teenagers than I knew existed! I think the whole population of Ballarat's 11-17 year olds were out in force last night.... a veritable army of hormones!
Today my 'token bogan' pal is dropping off a stash of fabric from her mother-in-laws farm. I'm half excited and half dubious that I may end up carting it all to the op-shop, but what the hey! It's worth it just for the rummage, I will keep you posted on any awesome finds.
I really do hope you're having a brill day back to routine after the long weekend (if that's possible!) Any ideas on my crochet/ruffles dilemma?


Leonie Guld said...

That is one of the cutest buts I have ever seen!!!! And I check out allot being a pant maker and all!

Pip Lincolne said...

My advice : apart from wiggling your bottom... is to wiggle your fingers a little bit and RELAX them. Like you are playing the piano... keep them loose, and keep plenty of loose yarn dangling from the ball so that you are not fighting against it. Also... try sizing your hook up!

Drewzel said...

Love the frilly bottom and thighy goodness!
And the more you practice your crochet, the more comfortable you'll become and you'll find your tension will naturally follow (especially if you follow Pip's tips). It might be worth thinking of the first few squares as "test" ones and you can use them for a small project? Looking good so far though!

Kim said...

I think your bum is looking awesome! And I don't just say that lightly, you know. Love those frills (oops, almost typed thrills, Freudian slip?).

Your crocheting is looking great. I know exactly what you mean about tension. By about the 5th square I was able to start creating the same size squares. And then I had to re-learn when I changed yarn and hook size. Let me know if you wanna have a crochet date ;-)

teddybearswednesday said...

Love those ruffles and your cute bum.
re the grannies Pip's advice sounds wonderful, but please don't discard that slightly different sized square, it the whole scheme of what ever you are making it'll be hardly noticeable. ANd you don't want to hurt it's feelings.

RoLuc said...

As a BBB my response is....sweet ass!

As a friend who had to endure your display of disgust at the thought of me (you know what) recently whilst camping I say.....eeeeewwwwwyyuuk

Paybacks a bitch sister.