Monday, January 4, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new!

This expression has never really held much sway with me... I mean, I'm so not into ditching 'stuff' , my theory is that if I still like it, or it's not irreparably broken then why does it need to go?
But this baby......
...... was once the love of my life. Now the poor darling sits in the barn... not because she's broken or unloved but because for the past couple of years I have lived a long way from the waterways she's designed for.
In a former life I was an instructor on a school camp, I lived and breathed the outdoors (which is not my forte at all!) and just couldn't heave my bum out of this polyurethane hull. I paddled her camping, I worked from her and I cruised many a km on the river that ran through the property.
So, I am letting go. It's not easy, I still have the urge to sling her on the roof of the trusty Magna and hit the water..... but it aint gonna happen. She deserves a much more attentive owner than I. So off she goes to Ebay.
So here comes the new bit, I scored a much needed whipper-snipper this xmas as well as these totally awesome gifts from the UK....
This wonderful book of recipes form childhood stories, including 'Mrs Beavers Gloriously Sticky Marmalade Roll' from the Lion the Which and the Wardrobe and Swallows and Amazons seed cakes. Yummo!
Then this little fella!

I don't know if Morph was a very British phenomena, but the show he featured on in my English childhood was my favourite!

The presenter of the show, Tony hart, was a rel hero of mine. The gift was accompanied by a letter from my Mum. apparently my brother recently met his wife and had a lovely chat and was invited for tea and a tour of his artworks. Jealous. I'm really not sure how many, many drawings I submitted to the shows 'gallery'!

Now I'm off to make my own Morph and stare at ebay watching for bids.


mangocheeks said...

Aww that brought back memories for me. i was a little fan of tony hart too and loved Morph, though he looks a little polished here.

Thanks for cheering me up.

LiliPili said...

I love Morph! x