Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great job to the Gold diggers who won this weekends roller derby bout in Ballarat! Go Anarchy Belle! I can't believe how busy the event was, there must have been around 400 folk watching and I'm so proud of the League for a successful first bout.

While we are on the topic, my fresh meat training is going swimmingly, or should I say skatingly?! I'm busy perfecting my T-stops (hurrah for stopping!) and last night I whipped out a few (ungainly!) jumps! Yup, you heard correctly... my skates and I were at least 2 whole centimetres off the ground! Whoop whoop!
'Skate Camp' is on this weekend, no , I can't really think of a reason not to go but I'm not sure if I can handle a whole weekend committed to socialising, training and drinking.... is it just me or is that a wee bit too intense? The teenager inside me thinks that I might be missing out on a lot of fun if I don't go. Hmmm....

The candy pink, barbie-esqe ball gown is finished! Stay posted for some pink-tastic pics!

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lily40au said...

Totally cool ... if I didn't think I'd break a hip strapping on my roller skates I'd join you the next time I visit! LOL