Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have a secret

I love secrets.

Wanna share it with me?

I'd better, because in small towns like this secrets don't stay secrets for very long!

I really like my job. I mean, yeah, sure, everyone gets those moments of work-itis, but just when things get a little crazy, along comes something to mix it up. A change of pace, a new project, fresh ideas. I feel pretty darn lucky that I get to do something I like for employment and for the first time in a long time I haven't got that 12 month restless feeling.

I hate that feeling coz I just don't care enough in the traditional sense about my 'career' or security or even really money to stay in a job I'm not 100 percent into. It just makes too much of my waking life not fun. And that's really not fun. But this year I have learnt so much that things have never been dull. It works and it works well.

However now that I'm a (happily-ish) single gal again, life is different. It's been on the agenda for a little while now that being back on a single income, I need to work some more. Not just for the money, but having too much time on my hands doesn't really appeal at the moment. I'm feeling like getting out, about and working. It must be Spring!

So in that wonderful way that things have of coming together, yesterday I went on an excursion to Daylesford Organics. I call it this rather than a visit because whenever I tootle off in this particular direction, I always seem to have too much fun to leave. I think Bren and Kate should set a timer and start giving me penalty points when I start to overstay my welcome.

But how could I resist when I heard they have some soft, fluffy, web-footed, teeny tiny ducklings at the moment? I was very tempted to put one in my pocket and head on out of there. But I didn't, instead the mistress of the house and I yabbered the afternoon away concocting cunning plans.

So here's my not so secret anymore secret: I'm now going to be working with (not 'for' I have been firmly told!) Kate and Bren, their girls and the Daylesford Organics posse. Trust me, these are some cool dudes and the nicest farmers in town and with the added bonus of wee ducks how could I say no?

I'm excited. Like I say, I like to mix it up, and I think having some time in Muskvale will keep things fresh. A bit o this and a bit o that, some time with some gorgeous little people, a helping hand on the farm, I think it should all fall into place nicely. The idea had been discussed some time ago but I was just too fresh out of childcare to miss it, and now, especially after yesterdays triumph and cuddles with P and J on the farm it just feels like the right time.


Jodie said...

Steph, That is so exciting for you - things just slotting into place when you need it to - Awesome.....and ducklings are a total bonus!

Kate said...

Yay! We sure are lucky ducks.

manda said...

hi steph...that sounds like a really nice place to work :-)

Meg said...

Lucky you! What fun!