Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seeing white and red

I've been painting the new shop-space white... it's very white, so white I have been getting flashes of green and magenta in my vision. I love painting. Today Im quite sore from all that roller-action.

Yesterday I had two separate interactions with our oldest generation, around lunch-time in Daylesford an elderly gentleman fell in front of me on the street and cut his head, I helped him up, checked out his cut and directed his wife to the doctors surgery. I felt pretty good that I was able to help and gave myself a wee pat on the back.

Later in the day I was parking my car across the street from the house of some friends when their elderly neighbour came out of his house and started abusing me for parking in front of his property, I tried to explain that I was legally parked on the street, that I was visiting and that all the spots in front of their house were taken, I even said if it really bothered him I would move my car but that he should stop swearing at me.

Then he really let rip, I don't think I have ever heard such foul words coming from someone his age! I was shocked! Ultimately I gave up, refused to move my car and walked away to the words "F***ing Sl*t!" being screamed across the street at me!

I couldn't believe it! I mean, I know my car is a piece of crap but surely it's not that offensive? Maybe because I'm the oldest P-Plater in the country it makes me an obnoxious 'young person?' who knows.

Anyway, I'm trying to see the funny side, perhaps he has dementia, perhaps he hates the world, perhaps he had a really bad day. Who knows, either way, as much as I'm not going to take it personally that sort of exchange is hurtful non the less. Luckily living in our lovely little town I don't have to deal with that kind of anger very often so I guess I should count my blessings!


Lark said...

I'm still shocked about this. What is his problem? If you live in a town you have to expect to see cars outside from time to time!


RoLuc said...

Why don't you park out the front every day for a week and then pop a Merry Christmas card in his letter box.....Merry Christmas from that fucking slut that been parking out the front all week. Too soon?

Anonymous said...

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meglet said...

Wowza.... yeah I get that from old people sometimes when I'm just trying to do my job. The word "vulture" is a favourite..

Looks like you scored a comment from "Rita" too. yay. she spammed my blog this arvo as well..

Hope all is well apart from nasty old-timers!

Meg said...

Oh no! That stinks! Hope you are feeling better about it now.

I think it's quite interesting that people who are very vocal about how others should behave are always the most unpleasant in their delivery.