Thursday, August 13, 2009

I forgot some stuff about myself! Isn't that weird how sometimes things are so deeply part of what makes you 'yourself' that you don't notice them anymore!?
I had a really nice evening. A few crafty folk met up at lovely Suzie and Marcia's place in Ballarat last night, ate cakes, drank punch and talked crafty goodness. Some of us do it, some of us would like to do it, some of us do it for a living, some of us would like to do it for a living, but all of us like it!

Listening to every ones stories of who they are, why they love craft and where their crafty inspiration first came from was really inspiring. As for my own story, I think I told the wrong one. I spoke of where I work and worked and how come I live here now, but I missed out the bits that I think make me who I am in a crafty sense.

I always wanted to be an artist, either that or a ballerina. Clearly the ballerina part didn't work out so ever since primary school my life's ambition was to go to art school and my families assumption was the same... of course I would!

I always loved making things, mum being a crazy-mad-hoarder helped that out, with bags of wool, boxes of fabric, wire, wood, toilet tubes and free rein on the sewing machine I was in heaven! being one of 5 kids (and therefore 1 very busy mum!) I was pretty much left to amuse myself and would make costumes, hats, and dolls clothes.

Mum also let me do what I wanted in my bedroom and encouraged me to decorate in new colours, paint murals on my walls and tent ceilings with sari fabrics.

I think being poor also, weirdly helped, I grew up on a rough council estate (government housing) living the life of the long-term unemployed. I never had the 'cool stuff' that other kids had but instead, out of nessecity, mum would take us on op-shop adventures where we would spend our pocket money in some sort of 2nd hand challenge! It was so much fun!
My teenage years were spent during the recession of the 90's, then I would rummage through op-shops and my old dressing up box, cutting, sewing and creating new styles from old and along with it a sense of style of my own.

Something else I forgot about myself is that I paint and draw as well as 'make stuff', last year I was crazy about painting buttons, (and doilies of course!) One of my favourite paintings is this semblance of a 'self portrait', it doesn't look heaps like me but instead I was practicing the 'art' of 70's style portrait painting, I think this has a touch of 'swap card' about it don't you?

So I didn't grow up to be an artist, instead I grew up to be a 'crafter'. Something much more fun, flexible and entertaining. So aren't I the lucky one!


Lark said...

It was nice to hear more of your story. The craft meet was great, wasn't it?


RoLuc said...

Wish I was there! You've got free talent girl......yeah prob best that I stay in the warmth and give Augie a miss. The other half is feeling crook too!

daylesford organics said...

That painting does look so much like you. Wow, I had no idea. I'd love to see more.

Marking Art said...

Look at me... I've learnt how to leave comments and I've managed to read the ones you have left me. Yay me!
I loved reading more of your story. I think we all have heaps more to share than what we managed to share last night. Hearing everyone's stories was so inspiring, I loved listening to them. I also really love your portrait, it looks heaps like you it's fantastic, I loved that little bird I say in your sketch book last night as well.
I'd love to see more of your work.
I kind of think crafters are artists too. I think the definition of an Artist can be very fluid and anyone creative can be considered an artist, whether you paint, draw, sew, knit, make things, cook etc...everyone is an artist:)
Can't wait for more craft nights.

Have a great day, hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

I think that it is wonderful that you grew up in a crafty household! I think it makes a huge difference in children's lives. The painting is beautiful! Obviously your childhood has developed you into an amazingly creative person.

beck said...

Wow, that's a lovely painting! whatever you call yourself it's obvious that you are a very talented person! Have you got some more treasures to show? xo

oscarmacoscar said...

Thanks for sharing more of your story!
I'm so disappointed I had to leave early and missed a lot of other peoples stories. I cant wait for the next catch up!

Bluebell said...

You're an inspiration. I thought that before I heard the rest of your story, and now even more! I'm one of five, too...

Anonymous said...
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