Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daylesford Makers Market

I am so pleased with yesterdays market and would like to thank all the lovely folk who came to share and sell their wares as well as those who came to check out all the fabulous handmade goodies. Its been hard work but a lot of fun getting this Autumns market on the go, our wonderful Kate who worked so hard on the last market had bush fires on her doorstep this season and as well as working on her organic farm found herself up to her eyeballs this market time. Non the less she produced the most gorgeous work for her stall, think I might fit into this number?

We had so many great designers involved and as well as catching up with some of my favourite makers including Jodie from ric-rac, Janey Bee, Annissa, Susie and the worlds most helpful woman Marcia, I also made some lovely new friends including Simone from Appleyard Farm who created this amazing stall;

She also gave me my first thrill of being greeted as 'Doily', (ooohhh,.. aaahhh...!) my first blogland meeting! What a wonderful surprise, it made me come over all shy really!

And the fabby Lisa Timson and her wonderful recycled woolly blanket duffel coats. Those toggles remind me of my childhood and those vibrant sweetie colours are just too scrummy! I couldn't resist ordering one for my favourite little 10 year old, Alvie, who was up so bring and early yesterday, to be the best little helper! (we chose the pink number on the left!) I can't wait to see her in it, in-fact, I'm really rather jealous, I knew I should have picked up that great orange blanky in Bendigo Vinnies!

Georgia Leunig was there with her ever popular Bed Buddi, such a great idea and so well made! With a delicious lavender smell and snuggly wheat bag warmness they are the perfect thing for chilly Autumn nights.

I had a face-painting stall this time around, I have been super-slack on my making lately and it was fun not feeling the pressure of selling, I loved making my little 'granny grotto', crochet blankets, 'Star Pad', fake grass and colouring table I had little-people company all day with lots of my miniest old friends from my days at the childcare it was lots of fun!

With some beautiful weather and such great folk how could the day be anything less than fabby? Thank you again all who came along, at Makers Market H.Q we have some 'BIG PLANS' being thrown around, at the mo' all is 'TOP SECRET', If I told you , I would have to kill you all so to avoid a crafty blood-bath I will keep those embroidery needles sheathed and fill you in as things emerge... 'needless' to say (ha ha... I love a bad pun) it will be a busy June, looking forward to seeing you all then I will leave you with a wee gallery of other goodies of the day.

Anne Autumns colourful rag rugs.

Artist Pete Goodlets cards

The famous Allison and her Lark stall (Check out her project in great new craft book 'Meet Me At Mikes; 25 fun and crafty projects')

Marcia Kings amazing portraits

Ainsley Trists buttony goodness

Susan Mullers Bag-fest (coming soon my very own Susie purchase)Beautiful Lillipilli baby wear

Minnas clever and colourful reversible hats


Meg said...

We were away for the weekend. So sad to miss your market, as I missed the first one too. Glad to hear it was such a success.

Also, in other news, I just found this which made me think of you. xx

beck said...

Lovely photos! The market looked fantastic by the way, well done! Have a look at my blog because I have given you two awards! bye for now, x