Friday, February 27, 2009

The next person to slag-off single mums gets it!

I remember in the 90's the Conservative party extolling their 'Family First' campaign. A thinly disguised attempt to cut welfare costs by stigmatising and bulling the systems most vulnerable, the campaign managed to direct the countries ire at your average, single mother. Depicting her as an irresponsible layabout solely responsible for the moral decline of British youth and a parasite on the welfare system. The UK tabloids quickly jumped on board (thanks Mr Murdock) to paint this lurid picture of moral retributes.

Well... all I can say is that if there's one thing worse than tightrope walking the poverty-line of those living of benefits it's being slandered while you're about it!

This week, for 4 days I have found myself with 2 rambunctious little boys in my sole care. 3 school pick-ups and drop-offs, 7 confrontations over shoes, 3 working days, 1 lot of keys locked inside the house, 1 flight to Sydney and a lost 5 year old at the aquarium later and I have nothing but exhausted admiration and awe for parents going it alone. How??? Every day!!! I am lost for words! I am aghast with admiration1 Now I 'get' Valium... yes please!

Aside from being the worst pretend-parent in the world ever, Sydney has been great. The aquarium was frankly spectacular, maritime museum great and Life in Style went swimmingly. I do however long for my bush view, the sound of birds, and the comfort of my very own bed. Soon. Soon.