Friday, February 6, 2009

Making Weather, Making Stuff and Making Babies

Do you see it? There... yup.. just there.. try squinting a little... oh yes! There it is! A rain drop! Huzzah! After sweltering in the midst of a heatwave (with more to come today! Sob.) The micro climate of Mollongghip has produced some lovely, cool, misty and damp mornings. One day, I even foolishly wore jeans before descending from the hill into Daylesford and realising the rest of the world was 30 degrees already. Mmmm, sweaty.
It's been an eventful week here at Doily Towers, Lark HQ has been a-buzz with action. Can you guess what these are for? Shhh... can't tell, better wait until Sydney to see for yourselves!

Painting packing and producing has been the game of the week, getting the beautiful Belle & Boo range together....and making, making, making!

Other news includes the first session of our new community gym (eek!) and a date! Yes... you heard me correctly! D,A,T,E spells date. With a man. A Very nice, funny, interesting, inquisitive, fun, stable, home-owning, lots in common with me kind of man. The kind of man you would be proud to introduce to your mum, the kind of man who would hand you a G&T as you come home from work and say " You look tired darling, tell me all about your day", the kind of man I should be rushing off to make babies with (or at least practicing a lot!)...... but I'm not. I'm not because I felt no urge to rip off his clothes and lick him all over every time I see him (luckily for the general public!), no urge to make excuses to touch him ("oh look, you have an ant crawling up your back!... ermm, my mistake!") and certainly no urge to spend time imagining rushing off to make (or practice making) babies with him.
WHY NOT!?? What is wrong with me?! Instead I am wondering which of my splendid and single friends I can set him up with, and am being told off by non-single friends with beautiful kids for being so silly. It's all about the buzz. you know, the tingle, the flip-floppy tummy. the nervous feeling when you are going to see someone, looking forward to their calls, breaking out in a clammy sweat when you hold hands ("oh, excuse my for being a sweaty moo.. it's coz i fancy you heaps") Now I know, you don't need to tell me that these things don't last... I know all about how these feelings fade, and soften and become something much more comfortable but I'm just tired of having make-do-and-mend relationships, of knowing that my expectations are maybe a tad unrealistic but whats the alternative? I keep seeing this lovely, sweet person, become very fond of him then, one year down the line, mid shag wonder if I have left the oven on and compile my grocery list?!
Nope. Can't do it. It's not good. It's not fair, he deserves better and I deserve a fairytale ending. Or at the very least a good dose of sweaty palms, making babies and G&T. Not necessarily in that order.


beck said...

I'm a tad confused...he's gorgeous and you fancy him...what's the problem?! Is it that although he is Mr Perfect you just don't feel a 'connection'? Cos that I get. A lovely lass such as yourself will know when you meet the right fella. Have fun looking! x

Lavender hearts said...

I seriously beleive that you tend to meet people when you're not looking and you're comfortable in your own skin. I met Tim through a hobby that I took up - skydiving! We weren't looking for something but we found it. :-)

Btw, I posted your bits and pieces a couple of days ago. Can you believe I made it all up about a week ago but never got round to posting! I'm afraid because of the super anal rules I couldn't post lavender or any food stuffs so there's one thing that you'll need to stuff yourself and stitch up the hole. You'll see anyway! :-)

Lavender hearts said...

Hiya, got the swap pressies! Thank you! :-) I've just blogged about it!