Sunday, January 4, 2009

Progress on the western front

Today has been spent trying to sort out the mayhem that has become my home. What with having a housemate for the last few months, the overlap in my old and new jobs and the Daylesford Makers Market it has been a chaotic bombsite and something i have been dreading dealing with. Finally it has reached the point that the place has been just too full and messy to make anything new and so that is clearly my breaking point!
Thankfully I managed to reach a semblance of organised chaos, I am by nature a fairly messy person so to reach the point where its driving me mad it must be bad!
Sorting all this crap out did give me a really good opportunity to feel smug about my recent acquisitions though... a whole box of sewing thread on wooden spools from a Ballarat antique shop, the new curtains I made for my new empty office, Seeing my children's books lined up all shiny on the bookcase. Sigh. Lovely.

Now I just have to tackle the disaster zone that is my workshop. the problem is is that tidying up is just never enough.... i want to re-organise, re-asthetic-ise and change all the furniture around.
I am also excited about the prospect of becoming a foster carer, I know it is very far off and I don't want to jump into the ex housemates grave but I cant wait to make the spare room into a kids room! At last! a reason to have all these lovely vintage toys, books and dress-up clothes!

I have thought about foster caring for a long time, ever since I started working in childcare, but l aways assumed I would have my own family first... now i have realised that at nearly 30 I'm not exactly sure what I was waiting for after all! roll on the challenge.


susieqiloveyou said...

I am wondering whether you ended up getting any of it done after your trip to spotlight? It was so nice to see you again there and have such a lovely chat. Made my day :)

beck said...

Hi Doily Girl - nice to see you blogging again after a little break. Re fostering, how fantastic! I have always been keen to give it a go and hope to in the future when the littlest one is a bit bigger. Love to chat more about it sometime. x