Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's hot, hot, hot today so I got into the garden early this morning while it was still shady and cool and weeded my gravel path. I had a visitor yesterday, a lovely old lady who was born in this house, I was alternatately proud and concerned about changes that have been made and I have to say the garden was a little cringe-worthy so I got stuck into weeding the pathways and doing some watering. Other items on the agenda include doing something with an old suitcase I have been given, not sure what to do with it yet but I'm sure something will turn up!

This weekend we had a working bee to clean up after last weeks fire, a group of neighbours came with trailers, excvators and semi-loaders and along with some sweaty, ash covered men in bonds singlets, the lot was cleaned up in just about a days work! Very dirty, but oddly satisfying work. I slept well after a long, hot shower and lashings of Lark soap and a hearty tea.

Ironically the veggie patch is looking great!

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Lavender hearts said...

Love the suitcase, can you paint i and put transfers on it?

Btw, if you could drop me a line with your address I'll get your stuff in the post in time for you! I know that Australian customs are pretty strict so I won't send you anything with lavender in! :-)

My email address is:


Sian x