Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My New Home

I have some exciting news.
The voice that is Doily is re-locating due to some exciting changes, you will now find me at theredbrick.blogspot.com where I will be nattering on about the latest developments at my new gallery and shop!
Yes, I did say gallery and shop! Red Brick gallery and emporium will be opening in Ballarat in December and will be showing the best emerging artists and featuring super-duper independent design-wares and other great stuff!

I know, its a long way removed form a skating rink but life brings challenges and along with them come opportunities too exciting to miss out on! I will be working with the ever-clever and talented Marcia King and our new blog will be bringing you up-dates on our progress.

Rennovations on our 2 story space begin on Dec 1st and we are currently seeking submissions from artists as well as products to stock so if you are, or know someone who may be, interested get in touch with us at hello@redbrickgallery.com.au and lets have a chinwag!

Oh golly... really, the excitement! See you at the Red Brick!


polly pratt said...

Wow how exciting. Best of luck and i can`t wait to come and visit.

rachel skrobalak said...

wow this is really exciting!! well done mate x

Love_Again said...

exciting!! i look forward to visiting!