Thursday, July 22, 2010

feathering my nest

I'm seriously nesting. It must be the weather, this chillness is making me into a homebody and that's just fine by me!
This week I painted a kitchen and hallway in Melbourne and it has me wanting to reach for the roller at home, I want freshness and whiteness and a clean canvas . I want to repaint kitchen cupboards, rip down the worlds ugliest Venetian blinds that make me feel like I am living in an 80's bank. I want to paint furniture, sew curtains, bake, be cozy.
But I'm still integrating myself into the Mr's home, because this is HIS house, that he has owned and lived in without me for a number of years. I'm still feeling a need to be respectful of that despite the fact that is taste in home decor is an abomination!
What to do? It's odd how quickly one can become accustomed to naff artwork and expensive, but ugly furniture but its just not moi at the end of the day. So today I am starting with a little project and painting some draws, then I will pull out the vintage wallpaper stash and start thinking.
Realistically it won't be long until I am a very busy bunny indeed. It seems that RetroRink has a home, all 1,400 square meters of a home, construction on the cafe and shop begin soon and in a couple of months we will begin turning what is now an enormous, empty warehouse into a skating rink. Then, it will be all hands on deck to get stock in, floors painted, kitchen fitted, shop fitted and barriers built. A daunting task but I really can't wait!


beck said...

That last comment sure is pretty! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, at home and at the rink! Is it called Retro Rink? Cute. When are you hoping it will open and WHERE IS IT? Just need to know so I can party plan. Hope all is well with you Steph, it's been SO long since I saw you last..come visit me soon xo

Sarah Bella said...

How excitement! Do tell me when you need those hands on the deck and I'll come and help out xo

pictures eat people said...

wow that's so exciting!!!!!

awkward annie said...

hi doily! have just been stalking through your blog! it's lovely and creative and raw and real and it!
ooh, a rollerskating rink??!
happy nest feathering..angelique :)

Anonymous said...

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