Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good bye Becky Bloodnut

In case you hadn't noticed the blog has taken a back-burner for me of late. Generally when that happens it's because my 'real life' is going too well to make time for my usual blog-land whinging and now is generally no exception... I'm too busy enjoying life to yack about it.

Today though, I have been inspired to post. Yesterday morning, due to complications with her injury, our friend and team-mate Claire Smith (aka Becky Bloodnut) passed away.

I can't really put the way I feel about this into words, I know I say this so often it's probably so tedious to hear it again, but community is everything to me and my community of Derby girls have been rocked, shaken and bowled over by losing our friend.

Yesterday we gathered together in shock, weepy and dis-believing. I am so proud of my friends for supporting each other during such a horrible time. For turning tears into good memories and for celebrating Bloodnuts' life and all she gave us, together.

Today I am still a rather weepy mess, and I know that on the 6th of June, the next time the team skates together against Geelong without her, I will be again. But this mornings hangover is with every moment.
Goodbye Becky Bloodnut, and thank you. My thoughts are with your family,


Screamstress said...

Well said, Doily.

beck said...

Oh Steph, I'm so sorry, I'm sending you big hugs over the airwaves, can you feel them? Thinking of you honey, lots of love xo

thesims said...

Steph, what can I say.... You have given your friend a magnificent tribute. Cherish what you have - take care and hang in there.

Kate said...

Oh no! That's awful Steph. Much love to you and your community of skaters. You know where we are if you need a hug. XX

Drewzel said...

I'm not really sure what to say, but I'm thinking of you and all the Derby girls. Much love x

Leonie Guld said...


Marking Art said...

well said...:) xx

pictures eat people said...

i'm so sorry to hear this sweety. it's so devistating. my thoughts are with you darlin and always up for a drop in/ catch up xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Doily

Sorry to hear about your friend.
I think I saw the hellicopter ambulance flying her out of Ballarat last Wednesday. I thought it was just a practice exercise.

I will give you a big hug when I see you next.