Friday, February 5, 2010

Playing at home

Remember that awesome fabric stash I showed you? Well look at this wonderful velvet print I found. But it gets better!
Circa 1973 (allowing for Newlyn behind the times fashion) Mrs Bomphrey Senior was exactly the same size as me! All I had to do was finish the hem and sew in the rest of the zip and voila!

As modelled my myself and Mr Fraggle.

Aside from posing with my newly dyed hair (perhaps a little dark methinks but 2 weeks down the track it will be perfect!) I have been doing some home improvements.
I have a photo shoot at home on Monday which I'm very excited about, so in preparation, instead of cleaning up like I should be, I have been spray painting this rail I found in one of the outhouses.

As well as some pegs to hang up an new tablecloth turned kitchen curtain.
And I also found on my rummaging some awesome textiles I will show you soon.

Tomorrow I have these awesome kids at my place, I can't wait! (image from Foxs Lane)

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beck said...

Hey, you're having a fun weekend!! Love the sunnies & Fraggle shot, very ooh la la. Re the photo's not a magpie inspired one is it? might see you tomozza xo