Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To.... Continued

....Make an English Pudding Heaven in 10 Easy Steps

Mix 4 cups of blackberries with half a cup of plain flour and a cup of sugar... try to find caster sugar but use brown instead. Cheat and line pie receptacle with ready made shortcrust pastry

Pile in blackberry mix
Add pastry lid and crimp,
Have fun playing with leftover pastry,
Brush the top with milk using a handy paintbrush when you can't find the basting brush,
Make sure the oven fire is roaring,
Hope oven is about 200 degrees C, sprinkle top of pie with more sugar and pop in oven.
Lick spoon and leave dishes for 'later'.
Make some scrummy instant custard ,sieve sugar to get rid of ants (note to self... get finer sieve) and pour into jug. Minimum surface area = less yucky 'skin' when reheating at friends house later on tonight.
When pie looks the right nice-ness of brown, take out of oven and smell. Smell again. Ok, smell one more time. Wonder at slightly odd appearance of pastry and decide not to care. Salivate and trot off to see pals for dinner. Yummo!

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