Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hip to be Square

Thanks for all your awesome help chappies, I think I have worked out my problem a la crochet. I have followed Pip's very helpful words. I have wriggled my bum, shaken those hips, jiggled those digits and shaken it loose baby... Voila! regular (ish) loose and lovely crochet!

Yesterday I got a swanky new phone. I'm not diggin' these silly phone goodness. I wanna call, text and occasionally check my emails when I'm camping. What I don't want is to carry my PC around with me. Why? I ask. Why? I also refuse to jump on the 'super-duper-flash-branded' phone train. I'm sure they are the most amazing thing since sliced bread but spending hard earned dosh on the the phone of the i so I can carry my work in my pocket? No thank you!
But this crazy little device just came free as an upgrade. Mmmm.... not convinced as yet. I live in a black hole of range. No broadband out here, and hardly any phone reception. So I was chuffed to get this new 'blue tick', enhanced reception phone.
WELL. As far as I can work out this is worse than the last! (which was pretty great) plus I had to get the help of 2 other people reading the manual to work out how to lock the keypad!
Give it time, give it time. Sigh.

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Drewzel said...

Yay! Crochet goodness!