Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carry on camping

It's that time of year again and boy, do I love it! I think the world is separated into two types of people. Folk who love camping and folk who don't.
Each to their own I say, but there are definitely those in the second category who I know would love it if they gave it a go.

Things I love about camping (The None-definitive list)
1. Waking up to a beautiful view. 2. Setting up camp

3. Allowing the kids freedom
4. Cruising in the boat, finding a picturesque spot and tying up to do some fishing

5. Being creative with what you can find around you

6. Peaceful moments with easy crosswords


Leonie Guld said... you take a deck of card? I LOVE camping, nothing like going to bed with dirty feet!!

Meg said...

We are heading up to NSW for chrissy with the in-laws soon. I can't wait, but just as much, I am looking fwd to our road trip with camping on the way there and back.

Aligning our body clocks to the sun is my favourite. xx