Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wicked Weekend

I have had a very fun weekend. On Saturday I went to the very traditional Clunes show, animals and Beaut Utes. Look at these amazing mini steam engines!

I also had a rip roaring night at Karova where I saw the amazing Helter-Belter from Roller Derby (incidentally if you have tickets for their bout on Sun 29th the venue has changed, see website for details!) As well as met Sarah from blogland, Hi Sarah!
It was also great to hang out with the very clever Cam Suttie who is opening a new gallery in Ballarat, if you are interested in exhibiting in this awesome new space send me an email and I will pass on your info
Sunday saw my wee birthday party. Thank you all so much for coming and making it such a lovely and mellow arvo. Last year I organised a bush dance at our local hall and was so busy rushing around being being the hostess with the mostest that I didn't really have all that much fun. But not this year... oh no!
I think the highlight for at least the kids were the cutest wee chicks that Simone brought..... awwww!

And although they were unnecessary (but entirely loved!) and my birthday isn't until Wednesday I also got some lovely pressies, a crystal garden I can't wait to grow,

An amazing book written by two wonderful local authors,

and my very first pair of roller derby socks!

I had such a fun day but I think my lack of sleep and several glasses of champagne caught up on me (I haven't over-shared for a while so I think it's time) and I ended the day with a messy sobbing session. Oh woe is me! It was a...... I'm-30-and-I-can't-find-a-boyfriend-to-make-beautiful-babies-with-and-If-I'm-not-careful-I'm-going-to-be-stuck-with-the-ex-certain-someone-(who-doesn't-appreciate-me-and-hits-on-my-friends-even-on-my-birthday-which-last-year-he-forgot-incidentally)-for-the-rest-of-my-life.... kinda sob, you know, the snotty ones? The messy ones? The ones that really aren't helped by being hormonal? Yup. That's the kind.
But! I have no time to be silly and snotty I have lists coming out of my ears! The Daylesford Makers Market is on next week and I just can't wait! I have a million things to do and I will fill you in tomorrow on all the exciting things to expect on Saturday the 28th of November from 10-4! See you there!


beck said...

I'm glad you had a happy party! So sorry we couldn't make it, lets try to catch up sometime anyway, I'd love to give you a big birthday smooch and hug! BTW I didn't meet Mark till I was 30 and I was feeling like it was never going to happen. But it did and it was when I least expected it, at my Dad's 60th birtday party! Weird. Good luck with the lists xo

chloeisabear said...

How old are you turning Steph?? And i will wish you a happy birthday when i see you tonight! I bought my first pair of knee high socks today haha. But mine are just black. Hehe.

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday for Wednesday! I'm heading to Clunes to stay this weekend - see you Saturday.

Meg said...

Thank you for such a lovely arvo. I loved seeing you in your special home. And oh what a view!

Sorry to hear about your tears. I cried my fair share on my 30th too.

I didn't meet PJ until I was 32.

Hope to share some tea and toast with you soon. xx

dear prudence said...

Hey Steph Doily.
you are a funny thing!
Looking forward to a fun time on Saturday

Sarah said...

Ms Doily I must say its possibly the most exciting thing that happened (this month? This year?)spying my little name on your blog....I had a great night chatting with you. Its so so so lovely to meet great new people (and sharing special crafty secret's with them!)Shhhh.
Hope you have a lovely day on wednesday, have a wonderful birthday!

Chook said...

AW :( 30 isn't as bad as that...besides you're such a cool resorceful chick that even if you don't find a guy right now that you want to keep, you could still have a wonderful bubbly baby and manage with great aplomb.

:) hope you're feeling more cheerful about 30 now you've had over a week of practice at it :)