Monday, November 9, 2009

In times of trouble

I have just had a moment of panic.
As most of Victoria is doing right now I'm thinking about my fire plan. Generally it goes thus....
Scenario 1. ;receive text message from government warning of high fire danger in bush areas. Pack car, keep dog nearby, log on to the CFA website and tune to the ABC.
Scenario 2: Smell of smoke in the air. call Mrs Bomphrey. Local gossip queen and CFA co-ordinator.
I was just lounging around, performing my nightly crossword routine (how rock n roll is that!) when I heard sirens coming over the hill. It's strange but I am still so 'city' born and bred that it took me a moment to realise the abnormality of that in this tiny country hamlet. As couple of fire trucks whooshed past my house and the scent of smoke wafted through the open door I felt a real sense of panic.
My road leads nowhere but into the bush to several one horse communities like mine.
It's after 11 at night but as I began to switch on the computer, look for the dog and turn on the radio i typed out a message to the Mighty Mrs B.
"sirens at home"
Less then thirty seconds later I received the most magical response
"fire in Barkstead, under control, Troy there"
Good lordy me. There is still no mention on the CFA website, or ABC radio, but I know that the car doesn't need packing, the dog can carry on barking at possums and I can get back to my crossword safe in the knowledge that Troy has it under control!


Kate said...

How scary! Good to see your secret weapon is working with such prompt text message reassurance. Hope you went on to finish the crossword.

dear prudence said...

Glad to hear you're safe, we all could do with a Mrs B in these times, reassurance is everything!

PS wonder if Barnaby went to check on Troy?

lily40au said...

It's terrifying isn't it ... and it's only November. What January will be like is anybody's guess.

RoLuc said...

How'd the crossword go hon?

You'll be right...your surrounded by grass. Just keep it down and clean your gutters. Oh and don't forget to charge your mobile ;-)