Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flying The Nest or: 'Giving The Bird The Bird'

Well heigh-ho Daddy-o!
I have barely been able to contain my excitement at the latest event in the Doily saga. There has been some skipping, singing out loud and gleeful squealing at just how great life is right now!
Oh, I know, I'm sorry to brag but honestly, the world seems so full of possibilities! I feel more inspired than ever, opportunities seem to be spilling forth from every last little gap and ideas are sprouting like wildflowers in the pasture!
I have spread my wings and literally flown the coop of Lark, I've done my time and now my noviciate is over. I'm going solo and flying high!
My plans for a well earned holiday have been waylaid as I am to announce that Dear Prudence (opening soon in Ballarat!!... Watch this Space!!) will be a Doily stockist and have been busy working on the first order.

There's the Daylesford Makers Market coming up keeping me busy and meeting the loveliest new people, (check the blog for announcements on confirmed stallholders!)
Meanwhile I will be keeping it real with my hands in the rich and nurturing earth of Daylesford Organics.
It feels wonderful to be giving my time to someone who actually appreciates it... Me Me Me!


dear prudence said...

Yay Steph!!! you little legend, can't wait to meet my new 'tenants'they look adorable xx

dear prudence said...

...and have a look at dearprudence44.blogspot yadayadaya

RoLuc said...

good for you! Your like one of those happy srping chickens from Daylesford Organics!

beck said...

What a happy post!! Your new adventures sound exciting and I can't wait to hear/see more about dear prudence, I must have a look at her blog. Go Steph!!

Pictures Eat People said...

hey good on you steph! love to you sweet thing x