Friday, September 18, 2009

And I'm Back!

From the abyss of camera less-ness.

So here are the wee fishes I have been talking about, each one contains a washer so that it can be 'caught' by it's little magnetic rod.

Which led to inspiration for the 'Urban Fishing Experience', with a city waterways yield. No pretty fishes here, instead a shopping trolley, can and dismembered limb as booty.

I have also had a complete over-haul at home. With help from a small, but strong,neighbour I hefted my bedroom into the spare room, my work room into the sunny room and the spare room into the dingy room. A complete three way swap around!
Today's tasks involve setting up my new work room with all the goodies I require, I'm so inspired by this new space that I want to start making in it right away but know I have to tie up the loose ends of the re-shuffle first or it will never happen!

It's bright and light and colourful. But not quite so much as this work room...

This spring like weather we have been having reminds me of home. This week has been very much like a North Yorkshire summer.
To tell you a little about where I come from my roots are a tangled bunch. One of my regular blog reads often posts about my home. Although I'm a city girl at heart my weekends were spent with my dad in this place..
Grassington, a little village in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Wuthering Heights country and an all round pretty place.
North Yorkshire has some of the most breath-taking views, the grass is green, the moors are purple with Heather (hence my sisters name) and the land is torn by time. Sometimes all I can recall is the harsh climate and forget the beauty of my homeland. My fathers grandfather lived in Grassington, and my father returned to live there when he retired. My great grandfather ran one of the local pubs and is buried in this graveyard.

It's strange to have a place which I 'belong' to yet feel so dis-connected from. I suppose that is the result of the industrial revolution and the relocation of the masses to the cities. A sense of 'belonging' seems to have so little to do with sense of 'place'.

My new home is green too, and wild, and rolling, and rugged and I like it much more... I'm more like a fish in water and less like a dismembered limb


CurlyPops said...

You cracked me up with the dismembered limb!

Jodie said...

Love the limb, and yes i see the similarities between your old home and your new one - the green for starters !!