Monday, August 3, 2009

I have to be in a certain frame of mind to Blog, any distractions and I'm a-gonner, so the best times are those when I'm alone, it's quite and at least 3 cups of lovely Earl Grey tea are gurgling around in my tummy.
Now is a perfect time. Or it would be if I were on my own computer! Darn it, no cable to upload the contents of my camera. How I do hate an image less post, perhaps I can update later on and have a fiesta of photos!

This weekend has been one of cutting. Cutting hair, both a friends (which looks amazing by the way, a cool, asymmetrical crop) and the dog (now he looks a third of his size... soooo much hair off one little fella!) And also cutting ties.

My make-shift family have gone, the house feels very empty and we have been settling them into a new nest. Combined with a 15th birthday it's been fairly hectic, my place is a disaster zone, I have discovered where all those socks went now the bunk beds have been moved and I think the detritus will be appearing for a long time.

Tomorrow is my day for a Clean Break so I will be taking deep breaths all day today. I feel a combination of moping and relief and a wonderful chat with Meg about step-parenting has helped me gain some perspective... these are not my children and never will be regardless of my relationship (or lack of) with their father, but a friendship can remain.

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Meg said...

Thank YOU for a great chat. I hope it's going well for you all. xx